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If you are facing foreclosure we provide foreclosure defense with the ultimate goal of keeping your home and preventing personal bankruptcy.

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President Joe Biden has made changes to foreclosure mandates. Please contact our office to learn how this impacts you and your family today. Avoid losing your home and possible personal bankruptcy.

Our mission is to create a responsive, client-friendly law firm dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain debt relief. Our job is to guide you to a new and better life because everyone deserves a fresh start. Take your first steps to financial independence today. Sternberg Law Group has assisted many people in resolving their debt while keeping their property and financial independence.


The California Homeowner Bill of Rights is a legal statute designed to ensure homeowners are given access to fair lending and borrowing practices. The goal is to help homeowners avoid falling into foreclosure. When California went through a foreclosure crisis, lender didn’t provide homeowners with loss mitigation options that would have allowed them to hold on to their homes. Now, lenders are legally required to offer these options to homeowners.


The Homeowner Bill of Rights covers those with a first lien mortgage on certain properties. They must be residential, owner-occupied, and no bigger than four units. If the lender has less than 175 foreclosure sales per annual reporting period, they are exempt from some procedural requirements.

Key reforms established by the California Homeowner Bill of Rights include:

  • Ensuring homeowners have a single point of contact
  • Prohibiting dual-tracking
  • Setting penalties for robo-signing
  • Allowing homeowners to sue for violations
  • Enforcing tenant rights


Joshua L. Sternberg has dedicated his legal career to helping homeowners in need. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Joshua L. Sternberg has helped thousands of families avoid foreclosure and achieve financial freedom through proven legal strategies. Joshua L. Sternberg has spent thousands of hours negotiating with the toughest lenders to keep families in their homes. Joshua L. Sternberg aggressively advocates for his clients protecting them from being bullied by big bank antics or predatory lending practices.


Our job is to tell you the truth. Even if it’s not what you want to hear. We do not believe in sugar-coating. One of the first things to creating a successful attorney/client relationship is to understand the severity of the problem upfront. We will listen closely and tell you how we can create an effective strategy for your case. Our help starts with the first phone call.

here's what our client says...

“I’m a recently divorced, co-parenting, single dad of a HS and College student. The 2nd in my immediately family history to actually own a home, I came to Sternberg Law via a referral from an accidental call to a fellow atty and friend of his. I’m sure I wasn’t his most demanding client but from where I sat my real estate and legal challenges were stifling.”

Russell A.

Los Angeles, CA

“I dealt with some serious challenges and hardships in my life, losing my wife 5 years ago, battling Cancer over a year ago, and dealing with financial issues regarding my home. Josh Sternberg has provided me with a second chance. My situation was very complicated and Josh helped me make the best decision going forward for a fresh start.”

Ray B.

Sylmar, CA

“We would highly recommend Joshua Sternberg Law Group. Josh worked tirelessly on our loan modification request. We were denied multiple times for many different reasons, none of which rang true. Josh fought successfully and was able to get my husband and I an amazing loan modification… Thank you very much Josh for never giving up. We are truly thankful.”

Donna K.

Agua Dulce, CA

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